Clementina is a graphic and creative designer based in Venezuela. She has more than 30 years of experience in the area of visual communication.

Graduated in Graphic Design and certified in program management for design and illustration. In the illustration she applies traditional techniques such as digital. During her student days she learned in many areas related to story design such as drawing, typography, ceramics, photography, carpentry, packaging, metal engraving, screen printing, among others.

On several occasions, she has been awarded the National Book Award in the categories such as Best Series, Best Book and Best Children's Collection.

Clementina is inspired by nature, the place where she lives, the places she frequents, the trips she makes and the music she listens to. I work at home and in my spare time designing patterns and textures. Welcome to your little world!

To find out more about Clementina Cortes and her work, visit her website.