Be 1% better.

As a sustainable company and a person who loves and wants to take care of the environment, the same question always arises "how can I continue doing more?". That is why 1% for the Planet emerged. If you are an entrepreneur or you are in charge of a company with ecological values, this interests you. Or if you know someone who has already implemented it in their business, of course.


The founders of 1% for the Planet are Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews. They founded it in 2002 with the belief that "if I make use of what the Earth gives me, I must protect it in some way". Immediately several companies joined this movement, they had it clear from the beginning.

Since as businessmen or entrepreneurs it is difficult to dedicate time to return the favor to the planet, being part of the 1% fro the Planet movement, you can donate one percent of the annual income to people who do have time to care for and pamper them. More can be done.

Currently, only 3% of philanthropists are spending their money to improve and care for the planet. For this reason, the objective of 1% for the Planet is to dedicate these economic efforts to finding solutions to the environmental problems that are suffered today. Buying from these companies that collaborate with 1% FTP means that you are not only acquiring a sustainable product in most cases, but you are also collaborating with those ONG to which the contribution is destined.

Some of the  best-known companies that collaborate with the cause are: Patagonia, Caudalie Paris, Boxed Water, Pukka, Honest Tea ...

As I have already told you, its main objective is to help companies to contribute to the environment by contributing a minimum of 1% of their current turnover. They are an organization of intermediaries between the company and members of the ONG that they choose, certifying the donation. This makes them reliable.

When you collaborate with them, they give you a list of ONG and associations related to your company so that you can choose more eloquently. Here are some ONGs they have worked with:

Protect our winters
In Europe, for example, they are mobilizing to educate and raise awareness in society. They do this through training, events and collaborations, among other actions.

National Forest Foundation
Its action focuses on raising awareness of caring for parks and nature reserves, as well as planting trees and much more. Large companies like Intel or Coca-Cola collaborate with them.

Plastic Pollution Coalition
They promote the values ​​of a life without plastics, spreading alternatives accompanied by healthy habits. They mainly affect the plastics that fast food companies discard.

Rainforest Trust
Protect forests, animal species and endangered species from different parts of the world. Its objective is to raise awareness of how important it is to put the planet before the economy and capitalism, since someday there will be no planet to exploit, because we will have exhausted all resources.

Global Wildlife Conservation
Bet on the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. They believe it is critical to humans and defend it by trying to stop the extinction of species en masse. They believe that all animal and plant lives have their reasons.

Although they have many more, these are just some of the most striking.

Did you already know 1% for the Planet? If you want to know more about them, you can visit their website here.